Liquid Blu is an architecture practice committed to exploration, education, engaging people, and building relationships.  We believe architecture should directly influence our experience of both the built and natural environments in a manner that promotes a more humanistic, more sustainable and more inspired approach to our work, our contemplation and our play.


Liquid Blu is the creation of Yuri Dillon.  The company operates from a base in Brisbane, QLD, and has developed a large range of projects for public companies, developers, local government, not for profit organisations and private clients.  For a small practice, the typology of projects is diverse as the outcomes sought.

Over 10 years of practice the company has experienced many changes.  The current formation is a reflection of our intention to create a dynamic opportunity ‘space' for young architects to explore the discipline of architecture, whilst allowing the company to continue growth in the most sustainable manner.  We now share a symbiotic relationship with many designers around the globe.

LIQUID BLUflexible, fluid, adaptive, embracing change, constantly in movement, transformation of state, representative of an architecture that is never satisfied and always looking for an opportunity...


Introducing the team