practice formation

Facultative Mutualism is a form of symbiotic relationship most commonly found in nature (think ants or fish).  This remains the best definition of our practice formation.  We are separate entities with shared goals, vision, and desire for common outcomes.  We are globally aware, maintain a facetted approach to practice, and bring cultural perspective to the development of all projects.   


We have the ability to adapt to the business environment by empowering ourselves through the collective experience of architecture.  Our vision is dualistic by nature; to develop ourselves as architects how we see fit, and, move collectively towards the creation of projects which afford users the same opportunity; a deeper and more rich experience of themselves and their relationships through connection to their environment.  

 We believe our formation will better position us, as architects', to challenge the thinking of individuals and organisations, and create a more sustainable model for being. 



Creating inspiring environments that support and enhance the human condition, we do not operate with set theories or styles of design.  Our architecture seeks to exist in the cyclical relationship between people, place and time.




Our design methodology is consultative, contemplative and interactive. It provides the opportunity for project owners and stakeholders to meaningfully engage with the design process in alignment with the values and outcomes most meaningful to them.

Each project is viewed as a unique constellation of opportunities, constraints, history and dreams. Every new project provides the opportunity for both design team and client, to create a working relationship where design solutions are inspired, pragmatic and elegantly executed.  We measure our success not through accolades and awards, but how, through the medium of design, we enhance and amplify the vision of our clients. 




At Liquid Blu we maintain a strong focus on sustainability through the creative development and delivery of all projects.  With 'green architecture' having been identified as critical to the future sustainability of continued development, we believe the differences between ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ are vast.  


Sustainability, according to all modern definitions, embraces three separate and distinct aspects – social, environmental and financial. Green architecture, by its very definition, is focused largely upon one of the three legs – frequently to the detriment of the other two.

Sustainable Architecture incorporates understandings about the social and financial ramifications of design and development as well. As such, it is a more robust and sophisticated discipline that is better geared to achieving the long-term requirements of a project.

Liquid Blu partners with some of Australia’s most knowledgeable individuals and organisations in the Health and Sustainability movement. This supports us in providing our clients with a much broader framework of enquiry into their needs, and subsequently a much deeper experience of both the design process and the completed project.