The Parap Pool seeks to enhance the aquatic and recreational opportunities for the Darwin Community. The design aims to create place(s) for increased social interaction, gathering and cultural expression, and assist to build community spirit and social cohesion through participation in healthy lifestyle activities.



Client: City of Darwin
Budget: $14M (Estimate)
Stages: 1
Date: Completed November 2017 


  • Master Planning (including staging management)
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Detailed Design and Documentation                                              (for tender + construction)
  • Programming of Works
  • Tendering
  • Contract Administration

The design outcome is a multi-functional community hub bringing people, activity, art, leisure and wellness together. The Parap Pool will provide a true, ‘contemporary’ aquatic and leisure centre destination with a variety of water spaces and dry activity spaces to service the needs of the local community. The facilities will be developed for all ages, abilities, and cultures, and be capable of supporting regional / state / national swimming competitions, school groups, general fitness, water polo, recreation and casual use, health, wellness, family and leisure.

The design seeks to reinterpret the fundamentals of contemporary Australian Architecture, specifically in the tropical setting of North Australia through strong connection to landscape and site responsiveness. The Parap Pool is intended to be  ‘leading edge’ in its design approach, and complete with the highest quality pool(s) and plant. It will utilise new technology in its systems performance and strive for the highest levels of passive environmental responsiveness.

The masterplan provides a technically advanced, innovative and sustainable design outcome whilst actively attempting to meet the social and recreational needs and expectations of the local community; satisfying the prominent place it holds in the psyche and cultural memory of old and new Darwin.

Artwork and Images of Artwork by Jill Chism

Artwork and Image by Jill Chism
Artwork and Image by Jill Chism
Artwork and Image by Jill Chism
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